streaming FAQ's

What’s the best way to watch the two videos you have posted here on your site?

These introductory videos are streaming from the YouTube site.  Within these videos you can: (1) click on settings (the gear thing-y) and set it to 720p HD (this is the resolution I used to shoot the video) – for the best viewing experience; and (2) Click on the arrows to make it full screen.

Can I stream these two videos through my TV, not my computer?

If you have an Apple TV in your very large family room that’s a great solution - but many people do not. You can check to see if your TV or your DVD player itself is wifi enabled. (This feature allows you to connect your device directly to your home router, and re-purpose your television set as a browser.) Also when it comes to YouTube videos - some DVD players have a setting to stream directly from YouTube. Another great solution is to get an HDMI cord and connect your laptop to an HDMI input on your TV.  (You may also be able to make a connection with a red-white-yellow three way audio-visual cord.) The wireless version of this type of solution is Google Chromecast – a $35 device you can get at Best Buy or Amazon that plugs your laptop or ios device remotely into the HDMI port on your TV. If all else fails – you can stream right from your laptop, your ipad or even your iphone (let’s say - in a pinch, or if you’re traveling).


Will I be streaming the paid classes in your term from your site? Will the video quality be the same?

There is a special streaming page connected with my site which you will be given after registering for a class. The video quality on the streaming page is better than the streaming quality of the YouTube videos you see here. (There is less compression.)


Are there more FAQ’s about your 10-week classes?

Yes! Many more questions about all of the classes are covered in the course FAQ’s.


ยท      Is there a written copy of the posture flow for the introductory class? 


And here it is:




Center of mat – turn L for Tadassan (dive hands down and step forward into:)

Warrior I

(sweep R arm over and turn chest for:)

Warrior II

(arc R arm over and turn chest for:)

Downward Facing Dog

(drop knees and sit back with arms forward into:)

Childs Pose

(now return backwards through the same sequence:)

(come forward into:)

Downward Facing Dog

(step LEFT leg forward and turn chest for:)

Warrior II

(Arc RIGHT arm down and turn chest for:)

Warrior I

(step back and bring hands back to prayer position, in:)



(REPEAT TO THE RIGHT SIDE : stepping with R. Foot)



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