i n t u i t i o n

I am a practicing intuitive and psychic healer, by birth and training. 

I give private intuitive readingsYou can use the contact information on this website to contact me if you are interested in getting a reading. I do readings by telephone or Skype only.

I also give a workshop called “Develop Your Intuition” - in a format anywhere between 3-8 hours. This workshop is highly experiential and lots of fun, no matter what background or experience you have with intuition. We explore telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, mediumship and other forms of intuitive awareness.

Did you miss my last “Develop Your Intuition” Workshop in October 2016 at the Women and Spirituality Conference in Mankato, MN? The next Women and Spirituality Conference will be held in Rochester, MN on September 16-17 of 2017


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