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May 2022

What makes these times so unusual?


There are a huge number of moving objects in our solar system – some fast, some slow. The study of astrology includes our seeing them all from our earthly perspective. We see the movement of the moon, from our position on earth – it appears to travel the entire zodiac in only 27+ days. The Sun appears to travel the zodiac every 365 or so days... and when it comes back to its position when you were born each year, it is your birthday.


But some planets move super s-l-o-w-l-y, like the outer planets Neptune and Pluto (okay that latter one is technically no longer considered a ‘planet’ but it’s still a body that is physically there, whatever you want to call it).  Neptune takes about 165 years (or so) to traverse the entire zodiac; Pluto takes around 248 years.


So right now Neptune is in the same place it was roughly 165 years ago; and Pluto hasn’t been in its current position for about 248 years. Yikes! No one alive has lived through these planetary positions... But we can look back in history and notice some of the things that happened to others when these planets were in these positions.


Neptune in astrology is often associated with lack of clarity (at best) and more generally speaking: with delusion. It always blurs the boundaries of ‘reality.’ Hmmm. One thing in history that happened when Neptune was where it is today... was the Salem witch trials. You think ‘cancel culture’ is tough? What if just about anyone could make up a claim against you (if you were a woman), cite it as ‘proof’ that you were a witch – and then hang you? This Neptune position signifies: “lots of judgments lacking real evidence...” Or something like that. (Maybe it’s unclear?) ;-)


Pluto is associated with revolutionary transformations... and – wait – the last time it was in this place – it was the start of the American Revolution! I am not predicting any more wars for America at the moment (that’s for much later on in the decade) – but this particular Pluto position (in Capricorn) has to do with the toppling of ‘authority’ in favor of one’s own sovereignty... hmmm, where might that issue be going on? Maybe everywhere? In everyone?


Of course there are always many other planets doing many other things – nothing is ever just one thing. But I like to look through history and compare the feeling of now to some of the things that have already happened, and look for patterns and themes.

That’s all for now,


Mary Elizabeth

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